In Mourning - Afterglow

In Mourning Afterglow cover
In Mourning
Agonia Records
Well, with bands like Opeth or Katatonia having mellowed – the fuck out – through the past decade, the melodic death genre has lost a couple of capable representatives with their newer styles being a little dubious and derivative, but on the other hand that has led to bands like Sweden’s In Mourning to pick up the gauntlet and try and fill the void…
The band has well defined clean melodies and harmonies that contrast greatly with the heavy and doomy riffing, the occasional blasting drumbeats and the deep growling vocals that are still quite intelligible. Speaking about Katatonia their former drummer, Daniel Liljekvist, is making his debut with the band here and he probably makes the whole thing a bit more complex and competent than before, affording the band a greater degree of experimentation. “Afterglow” is the logical next step from 2012’s “The Weight of the Oceans” but sounds a lot more “sure” of itself…
If you like what Katatonia and Opeth used to do, in the distant past before selling out, but with more instinctive melodies – this will be right up your alley.