Impure Wilhelmina - Radiation

Impure Wilhelmina Radiation cover
Impure Wilhelmina
Season Of Mist
There are times that we need to listen to moody & atmospheric music. It’s that time when we are not feeling very content and this kind of atmospheric metal music with dark touches can helps us get through the hard times or it even sometimes pushes us into darkness more … then again it a matter of time to rise again!
“Radiation” is one of those atmospheric metal albums (sorry but I do not want to use any other characterizations of this music style – I can use many but that’s not the case) which has a moody and dim character… but it does give you a way out to the light at times and that’s the good thing with albums such as this. The line-up change and the addition of guitarist Diogo and bass-player Sebastien has helped the band sound more solid than before, as Michael (vocals, guitar) told me. It’s very important for a band to move on and become stronger after several line-up changes.
Some tracks were written before “Black Honey” and some others a few weeks or so before the band started the recordings for “Radiation”. “Radiation” is the band’s most melodic release to date, and as Michael told me, this is intentional as he wanted to make the sound more melodic. Sometimes the band’s sound might remind you of late-day Katatonia with a modern twist. That doesn’t mean that Impure Wilhelmina do not follow their own personal music way. Moreover, I can say that they are not afraid to evolve and add new elements to their music in general.
If you fancy atmospheric metal with modern, post-hardcore and post-rock/metal touches, then “Radiation” is an album that you should try out. Personally, I prefer how the band sounds today & the way that Michael sings now… I do want to see what their next steps will be like.