Impulsia - Expressions

I have to say that, I only now, got ahold of this fine little CD in a hard/actual format! Since, I don’t download, it took me forever to acquire a copy of this album through a Swedish friend (Thanks man!)
I remember readying about this bizarre collaboration that consisted of ex members of Candlemass and Royal Hunt, namely Johan Langquist (Candlemass) the vocalist of the bands seminal, “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” opus and Marcus Jidell (Royal Hunt) who along with the bands main composer and guitarist Uno Sjostrom, created a minor hard rock/AOR jewel, but then being unable to find the album on CD, anywhere! Among the album’s impressive pedigree we also find Pontus Norgren (The Poodles & Hammerfall) as well as the mega-ducer Tommy Denander (Paul Stanley and countless others) and Dave Martone (of his own fame), contributing additional guitar parts, the late and sorely missed Marcel Jacob on his last recorded performance on bass and Thomas Broman (Glenn Hughes) behind the drum kit.
Langquist, who comes off most of the time as a younger, smoother, David Coverdale, (which I must admit comes as a bit of a surprise!) sings on most of the tracks of the album, leaving the lead vocal duties to Robin Beck on two or three namely, “Fly Away”, “Alone” and “Seas To Cross”, where she really shines. He also duets on the sensational single “Oceans of Love” with Swedish 90’s pop/dance mainstay “Pandora” (Anneli Magnusson). Beck in turn duets, with her husband & House of Lords vocalist James Christian on “Too Many Heartaches”.
Along with this fine songs, it would be a shame not to mention the very pretty “Rosa Lee”, with it's cool Lizzy meets Whitesnake of the auld days, carefree chorus. The song is also reprised acoustically as a bonus later on. There’s also a pretty faithful cover of Eric Clapton’s “Layla”, that neither adds nor subtracts from this already pretty nice album and another mash up of various themes and ideas from the album, instrumentally reprised as “River of Tears” tucked away at the end.
If your soul yearns for melody and your heart’s going down - with a cry for love, to quote the good ole Cov, then you couldn’t possibly go wrong with this very nice set of songs!
Looking forward to see another album, by this formation, sooner rather than later, then!