Imperium - Dreamhunter

Imperium Dreamhunter cover
AOR Heaven
Imperium is the new solo music project by Strike’s drummer Mika Brushane. In truth to be told, Imperium took shape after Mika realized he had several tracks that couldn’t make it to the Strike debut and he wanted to record them. More songs were written and recorded along the way so Mika had enough material on his hands to put in an album. That’s where the idea to form Imperium came.
Mika did everything in the album apart from the vocals and the guitars. That’s where some of Mika’s friends and well-known musicians, like Pasi Rantanen (Thunderstone, Warmen, Strike, King Company) on vocals & guitars, Markku Kuikka (Kenziner, Status Mino, The Ragged Saints) on vocals & guitars, Nisse Nordling (Dirge Eternal, ex-Dreamtale, ex-Anthriel) on vocals, Samuli Federley (Standing ovation, Reversion) on guitars, Toni Huovinen (Sentiment) on guitars and Ade Manninen (Enfarce, Ageness, Androids) on guitars, stepped in and took things one step further. Having some great vocalists and guitarists by your side is always a plus for any band, project or musician. The album’s production is powerful and edgy… it also has an 80s vibe at times but it’s not “retro” at any point. The mixing was done by Erkka Korhonen and the mastering by Mika Jussila (Amorphis, Avantasia, Apocalyptica, Children Of Bodom etc.).
“Dreamhunter” is a hard & heavy album full of wonderful melodies. Sometimes it flirts with melodic hard rock more and others with heavy/power metal and melodic metal… either way you see it, there’s a diversity which will please all the lovers of hard & heavy sound. There’s also an 80s atmosphere on some tracks and that’s what makes the album really captivating at long last. For instance, the ballad “80’s Love Song (a.k.a. Angel Eyes)” is the slow track that every band would feature in their album during the 80s and the early 90s. It’s that heartfelt ballad, which all the rockers need to listen to in their calm times, or when they’re in love or in pain. Either way you see it, Mika has released an impressive album, which has all those elements that we loved during the 80s & they still intrigue us all. If you like your hard rock/metal melodious with 80s touches then “Dreamhunter” will surely make your day…