Imperial State Electric - Pop War

Imperial State Electric Pop War cover
Imperial State Electric
Pop War
Psychout Records
Many fans would have missed Nicke Andersson’s music, if he had also called it a day, after The Hellacopters break-up in 2008. Thankfully, Nicke remained active, leaving the thoughts of going solo aside and he started working with several musicians… on what it was about to become Imperial State Electric.

Taking The Hellacopters music background and the significant role that The Nomads have played in his musical horizon generally, as granted… he added several 60s & 70s rock & roll and pop elements… presenting Imperial State Electric as a different band and not as a clone of his previous successful group. The guys released their self-titled debut back in 2010 and now, 2 years later they’re back with a brand new work. Although the debut was good the new album is way better, tighter, more melodious and well-written. The production is awesome, very clear & fresh. As the ISE motto says their powerful assets are the quality, simplicity & ruggedness… and believe me it is not as easy as it seems to accomplish those in music.

Nicke’s unique voice is giving that little extra thing that other bands are missing most of the times while the smart song arrangements with the beautifully simple & catchy rockin’ themes are making “Pop War” truly appealing. The most “weird” and long song here is “Enough to Break Your Heart”, which starts out in the classic band’s music style and in the half it turns out to be very atmospheric with terrific strings… simply fantastic. I have forgotten how simply rock music with nice ideas can be so overwhelming and wonderful. My only objection is that the album is kinda short, only 31 minutes, and it could have contained at least two more songs, according to my opinion. Nevertheless, if you missed The Hellacopters… and in general, the rock & roll music Nicke used to deliver… then try out “Pop War” without any reservations…