Illusion Suite - The Iron Cemetery

Illusion Suite
The Iron Cemetery
Power Prog Records
Even though they have been around for a decade, this is the second release of this Norwegian band. Illusion Suite took a huge next step after their debut in 2009. They updated the sound and the coming of the new guitarist, Kim Jacobsen, gave them a push into the right heavy, power, prog, melodic metal direction. With influences from bands like: Conception, Kamelot, Circus Maximus, Ark, Pagan’s Mind & Seventh Wonder among others it’s hard to go wrong if you have the talent and know how to compose good music.
The heavy/power metal of Illusion Suite is wonderfully embellished with progressive parts, symphonic touches & fine melodies. I must admit that the orchestrations have been done wisely. Also the production is excellent and was delivered by the band’s drummer Roger Bjorge but also many credits go to the eminent producer Jens Bogren (Paradise Lost, Dream Theater, Katatonia, etc.) who did the mixing and the mastering.
It seems the guitarist change worked for the band’s own benefit indeed, since “The Iron Cemetery” surpasses it predecessor in every part. The short running time (around 40 minutes) ain’t that of a problem as the tracks are quite good in general. If they also come up with some more appealing & catchier vocal lines, in the future, then they will surely widen their fan base. With this album, Illusion Suite have entered the Premier League of the heavy/prog/power metal music so now the competition might be harder but it’s up to them to make it…