Iggy Pop - Skull Ring

Iggy Pop Skull Ring cover
Iggy Pop
Skull Ring
Virgin Records
OK I’m not an Iggy fan, but I can accept his contribution to rock music – especially with The Stooges. The thing here is that Iggy as solo artist had released average albums lately (especially his latter three works were weak), so this could be a step away from his bad self, or one deeper into the ground.
But there is one qualitative difference with the new “Skull Ring”: it is Iggy’s first studio collaboration with the Stooges since “Raw Power” in 1973. And to be honest Ron Asheton’s contribution here seems to bring the magic touch with his great guitar riffs sounding as brilliant as ever. If you combine this with Iggy’s bestial performance you get an excellent piece of work! So what we get here is 18 (!) tracks of punk rock the way its Godfather knows to play. Loud, heavy, dirty, catchy and with a loads of style. Don’t ask me for song highlights, as once the opening track (“Little Electric Chair”) explodes you can get carried away. Iggy’s fans – and not only them – will love it.