Icy Steel - Kronothor

Icy Steel
My Graveyard Productions
Icy Steel propitiously released their third full-length work after seven years of existence. With the addition of the new drummer Flavio Fancellu, the line-up is now steady and ready to go further.
Always honoring their heavy metal roots, they have embellished their music with epic, a few folk and acoustic elements. I wouldn’t call this album, as many do, an epic metal one for it is not in the same style with Manowar or Virgin Steele. Generally, it contains mid-tempo heavy metal tunes with atmospheric, epic and pompous features. Stefano’s voice is OK for this type of metal but if he had a voice closer to Eric Adams or DeFeis then the result would have been somewhat enhanced. I like the acoustic parts and the flute on “From the Memories of the Past” but due to its traditional metal character, the album is mostly addressing to the metalheads that fancy heavy metal music of the 80s. The production is very good albeit a bit “raw” at times. The albums was recorded, mixed and mastered by Cristian Scarponi.
Certainly, this work tops the previous two and the band seems to have become more consistent while bettering things up eventually. I think that those who are fond of the 80s heavy metal bands that have an epic feeling on their songs, will enjoy “Kronothor” a lot.