Ian Danter - Second Time Around

Ian Danter Second Time Around cover
Ian Danter
Second Time Around
ID Parade
Ian Danter is a sportscaster in TalkSport Radio and an all-around rock fan and multi-instrumentalist on the side; he’s been drumming for the longest running Kiss tribute band out there, Dressed To Kill, and he come out with a solo effort in 2013 that according to him, at least, was well-received.
I’ve never heard of him before, quite obviously, as I’m neither a UK resident or the biggest sport fan in the world, so… sorry about that. He either has been doing his networking really well or whatnot however, since Cherry Red, a company mostly known for re-releases, but also the odd original album that’s been going on for a pretty long time has picked his “Second Time Around” release. He calls it hard rock and while I’d hesitate to ditch that label, it sounds more like a collection of various tracks that range from poppier kissoid’s with vocals that seem to check Gene Simmons as an influence, to more AOR 80s sort of power pop nuggets or soft poppy ballads. It’s pretty much got a bit of everything from a bit of Faces, Alice Cooper, Kiss and everything in between… which obviously mean’s the guy must love them Beatles etc…
It’s enjoyable, I’ll give it that but I didn’t really lose my head over it, yet some people might find it suitable to their tastes.