Ian Anderson - Homo Erraticus

Ian Anderson Homo Erraticus cover
Ian Anderson
Homo Erraticus
Calliandra Records/Kscope
Ian seems to be in a good shape since only 2 years after “TAAB Pt.2” he returns with a new concept album about Gerald Bostock. Now, the concept deals with various historic events and it is divided in three parts, “Chronicles”, “Prophecies” & “Revelations”. I know that some may look weirdly at a new concept album but let’s face it… Ian has never been a musician that goes with the flow. He always did things his own way and that’s why he is a legendary figure.
“Homo Erraticus” is more easy-going that the previous one, “TAAB Pt.2”, and even though it is a concept album, one can separately take several tracks and listen to them, especially if he’s not interested in the overall story. Then again, there’s nothing new here. It’s the old damn Ian… or shall I say Jethro Tull? Yeap, this album will evoke memories from various eras & tracks by Jethro Tull… but wouldn’t it be weird if it didn’t? Ian is Jethro Tull and even though he decided to leave the band name aside (once and for all?) and continue alone this doesn’t change the way he composes or thinks in terms of music.
Those who follow JT and Ian will relish this album for sure. Those who were never into JT won’t change their minds with this album… so in a way everyone must be happy in the end. Personally, I would have expected something less predictable and not one of the same from Ian… but I guess it ain’t a crime to do things that you have always done and “recycle” your music-self… is it? Nonetheless, “Homo Erraticus” has its moments even if it may become a bit “run of the mill” at long last…