Glyder - Glyder

Glyder cover
Bad Reputation
I’m pretty positive that, during the last decade, I haven’t heard any other band coming so close to the typical Thin Lizzy sound. Far from being cheap imitators, Glyder, seem to have digested their ancestors’ legacy and spit it out on our face in a creative manner. Seriously, with these two megaton bombs coming from Ireland this year (Glyder and The Answer) I can only be extremely positive on the revival of pure rock/hard rock music, the way Europe breeds it!
The band plays a straightforward, pure, explosive hard rock, rooted in the legendary era of the 70’s. Their British sound becomes evident from miles away. With a street attitude, Glyder deliver bombastic compositions, with solid rock riffs and fast, expressive solos. The Hammond appears from time to time – when necessary – to add depth to the songs. I could say that the album could have been in a way the continuation of Lizzy’s “Thunder and Lightning” – yes in fact the sound reminds the glorious band with Sykes on guitars.
The one rock anthem follows the other, all them being on fire – a fact that underlines what a flame this band has inside. Even the “light” songs of the album (“Neutral Colored Life”, “Stargazer”) are truly amazing and add the needed variety to the album. On the other hand the hard as iron “One for the Lost” flirts with early doom and Black Sabbath and Black Widow. Yes, I can tell that this is among the best debut albums of the year and hope that the band will continue delivering this excellent music. Indeed sometimes the guitar harmonies travel me back in time, in the era when a Lizzy album and a ride were enough to color brighter our day.