Gefrierbrand - Es war einmal...

Gefrierbrand Es war einmal cover
Es war einmal...
Gefrierbrand, which roughly translates into “Freezer Burn” in English, are a German quintet that has been around for almost fifteen years and has released some three albums this one inclusive… independently.
Their style can be best described as melodic extreme metal, with rather clear growling vocals that keep it from going full on death metal or at times thrashing – especially during leads. They sound a little like a non “gothic” or anything Crematory way back before Gefrierbrand ever existed… heck almost as Crematory sounded really early on. I guess that might be a sort of fair description… or not.
They seem to have always sung in German, which sort of makes them inherently a likelier success in GAS territories, rather than other places. As such, I can’t tell you for sure if “Es war einmal” (“once upon a time” – more or less) that sings about creatures of the forest and other such fairytales has a lot to do with an early opera of the same name, from early last century.
What I can say, though, is that I didn’t mind their well-produced and interesting sounding material, but I could barely keep up, as my understanding of German is super basic. I also wouldn’t have minded a few more instrumental interludes and maybe a little more daring in changing the pace within a song. While overall there’s good variety, some songs tend to be a little one sided.