Flaw - Divided We Fall

Flaw Divided We Fall cover
Divided We Fall
Pavement Entertainment
Louisville, KY-based groovesters Flaw (not to be confused with the band who later became Abdullah), is a band that has gone through multiple line-up changes over the years, with the core duo of Chris Volz (vocals) and Jason Daunt (guitar) remaining throughout. With their first two albums riding on the train and tread of “groovy” nu-ish metal of the early millennium, the band sold near gold, only to quickly lose steam and go from Universal to DYI, which made them really implode in a big way…
This “Pavement” debut and overall fourth album of theirs, finds them – with a different lineup but still doing their thing and is probably a better proposition than their “home grown” release.
Fans of Korn, Limp Bitzkit and Papa Roach, etc. will probably enjoy the Americans material, as they can dwell both on the groovy ie “Fed Up” and “Live and Breathe”, but also more o melodic Disturbed-like, ends of the spectrum with songs like “Do You Remember” and even the piano-ballad “My Letter”… so not so bad then, but really unable to escape the genre conventions and generalizations.