Fischer’s Flicker - Open 28 Hours

Fischer’s Flicker Open 28 Hours cover
Fischer’s Flicker
Open 28 Hours
Lavender Katydid Music
Scott Fischer is back two years after “Fornever and Never” with his new album under the Fischer’s Flicker moniker, entitled “Open 28 Hours”. This time Scott has Tim Gavin on drums, Rick Lyons & Andy Sviatko on guitars, Turan Yon on bass and Patrick Gunderson on background vocals & percussion by his side. The guests on the album are: Tim Kubiak on guitars (tracks 3 & 6), Derrick Martens on drums (tracks 3 & 4), Mickey Vujasin on guitars (track 4), BJ Cord on trumpet (tracks 1 & 9), Steve Duncan on trombone (tracks 1& 9) and Aaron McEvers on sax (tracks 1, 3 & 9). The album was produced by Scott Fischer, mixed by Andy Lagis (except track 6, which was mixed by Turan and track 8, which was mixed by Scott) and mastered by Rob Kleiner.
“Open 28 Hours” features all those music elements that Scott is known for… power pop, rock, pop/rock, funk-rock, piano-rock with bits of prog rock here and there. Of course, Scott’s humorous parts are here as always along with his mature songwriting and music approach. The 70s and 80s influences are still part of his music and that’s something good in general.
Scott’s music has a certain “philosophy” and approach, so it may not be for every listener out there, but it will please those who are looking for something not so mainstream and out of today’s modern music styles.