Firstborn - Define Our Generation

Firstborn Define Our Generation cover
Define Our Generation
Oakfield Music Group
I’m but another set of ears, so if you lend your eyes to this review, know that you have ears as well, and should let them hear the music for themselves. But enough of personifying individual body parts... You came here to read about Firstborn didn’t you?
As I sit munching on celery listening to Firstborn’s album “Define Our Generation” I find the usually overwhelming in-ear crunchiness of the vegetable blending nicely with the music. Firstborn formed in 2012 and as per every cliché known in band history start their Facebook biography with “Hailing from”... before explaining their diverse, various, and memorable music (which, when examined, actually says nothing about the band). Since you can’t get anything from their biography, you might as well check out their tunes; which is exactly what I did.
“Define Our Generation” begins with “Is this What You Wanted”; A five minute tune highlighted in their debut music video. The track opens the album to exactly what you’ll hear the rest of the album. Open riffage, drums, vox with distortion effects, alternative riff, vox with no distortion effect, etc. Long droning vocals procure a tenuous connection to the driving rhythm section and leave a listener confused to the exact chemistry of the musicians. The four piece looks like they DO put on an unforgettable show with the photos online, and they LOOK like a professional band. However, I would admit the sound of this first album is reminiscent of many bands’ first albums. A pop listener could enjoy the later tracks like “Can You Hear the Sound?” and “Take the World”, but seeing as how no track is under four minutes, I’d suspect this group could benefit from some chopping in the studio.
Musically, the group is talented. Given, I think some better vocal takes should have been in order, the rhythm section is impressive and characterize the riffage with taste. It could be said, however, that despite the deliciously disgusting guitar tones, the riffs could have used less repetitions in most songs, and more defined restatement in “Can You Hear the Sound?”, “My View” is a highlight with the incredible paddy and reverse effects intro and it offers a welcome relief to the amped album. The tune is the shining moment for the singer as all the musicians meld with tenacity. It doesn’t last long as the other tunes quickly make that pleasure fade with the incongruent mixture of drone, drive, distortion, and dynamic deficiency.
The group has nowhere to go but up, and, by the looks of their stage performance, they have a lot going for them. Dynamics will be key in defining them as professional amongst amateurs and until I hear more from the group I will categorize them as amateur. The album is a good listen if you’re crunching on some veggies playing video games or attentively driving across town, but it’s not one I’ll pop on my iPod for some intense musical thrill. Again, I’ll have to say thanks for given this review a look, but the best intuition you can trust is your own. Go have a listen to the album and see if you agree with me... If you don’t, tell me why and we’ll talk music.