FireForce - Annihilate the Evil

FireForce Annihilate the Evil
Annihilate the Evil
Limb Music
FireForce is a quintet from Belgium that’s got a couple of Double Diamond ex members. They’ve been together since 2008 and this is their third release. Their style is a pure heavy/power metal hybrid (without extra orchestrations) that does subscribe to the Sabaton & Civil War school, with singer Flype greatly reminiscent of Nils Patrik Johansson, the former singer of the latter.
In fact, I think that this makes them a little more endearing, but more difficult to be massively accepted.
The themes on the album are historical battles and war (not much of a surprise here) and the band pulls it off capably, but there seems to be a uniform feel in the tracks, with similar percussion and lack of variety in the riff department, at least to the point where songs become really “special” and you’re able to clearly tell one from the other.
A heavier version of Civil War that flirts even with Grave Digger, here and there, this will not disappoint, but is unlikely to appeal to a massive stratum of people in the metal crowd.