Find Me - Angels in Blue

Find Me Angels in Blue cover
Find Me
Angels in Blue
Frontiers Music srl
With two pretty damn solid albums preceding it, “Angels in Blue” had a high bar to compare itself against and a bet to try to and fulfill of being at least as good if not better than them. Find Me, this collaborative project, between Daniel Flores (Issa, The Murder of My Sweet ) and Blanc Faces singer Robbie LaBlanc, has manage to consistently produce top notch AOR/Melodic Rock release after release and “Angels in Blue” just continues that unbroken tradition.
While incredibly melodic, the songs are more than often pretty lively and dynamic. Point and case being the uplifting and dramatic opener “No Tears in Paradise”.
“Chain of Love” is exemplary in its use of dynamics and delivers a fantastic release with its peachy chorus, just when you started doubting the song would reach a climax of some sort.
“True Believer” is a feel good tune with an amazing chorus that rocks like the best of Giant or Survivor tracks!
“Straight for Eternity” is a bit more melodic and has a smoother chorus, despite it having some rather prominently mixed guitars, that refuse to shut up… Jim P would be proud of something of this caliber.
“Can’t Let Go” doesn’t let you “go”, even if you wanted to and its only “One Last Kiss” that drops the load, for a song that veers towards a ballad, with a huge chorus. Think Foreigner, I guess.
“Living a Lie” has some playful keyboards and keep the quality high, but is somewhat more timid in comparison with the barrage of killer songs that open the album.
The title track feels a bit more “continental” in places and steers the album in the right direction.

Show Me What You’d Die For” really brought to mind the best of Richard Marx moments and “Waiting for a Lifetime” keeps things running smoothly as well.
The keyboard fanfares that herald the arrival of “You’re the Only One” are a dead giveaway, that a pretty epic song is in store, and the chorus just delivers on that promise.
A cover of Survivor’s “Desperate Dreams” ain’t such a bad choice and is delivered in almost facsimileing fashion. The band’s original material is so good however that had this been an original, no one would have missed it. I suppose they wanted to pay tribute to one of the biggest bands and singers () in the genre with its inclusion, then.
Closing track, “Only the Lonely”, is the conclusion to the album and it tries to encapsulate the gist of the album in one track doing a fairly good job at that.
Japanese versions, feature an acoustic version of “One Last Kiss” that I liked as much if not more than the original since it’s stripped down form, allows LaBlanc’s amazing vocals to really shine.
A splendid third offering by this hard working and soft rocking band that occasionally likes to roughen things a bit to keep things hot and interesting. Too hot to sleep… Highly Recommended!