Final Sign - Hold High the Flame

Final Sign Hold High the Flame cover
Final Sign
Hold High the Flame
Divebomb Records
Final Sign are the continuation of an age old collaboration between vocalist Shawn Pelata and guitarist Brian “Hellstorm” Williams, which begun all the way back in 1999 in what was going to eventually become “K-Octave”. Both have been in October 31, with the former having departed from the formation and also have been in other bands of the American Power Metal underground…
In reality what we have here is a furious metallic assault that’s heavily based on October 31’s abrasive and non-apologetic, straightforward style but with more riffing and a way better singer, that what O31 usually had, excluding the obvious (live) period when Pelata was actually with them. Reverend and early Helstar and Exciter would be relative and semi-valid comparisons, but keep in mind that we’re only talking overall and not vocal style. If you like your heavy metal clean of other “minerals” and unapologetic, you can’t go too wrong with Final Sign, just don’t expect anything more from them than that.