Fate - Ghosts From The Past

Ghosts From The Past
AOR Heaven
The second era of Fate began in 2005… they released “V” in 2006 and after 5 years and some line-up changes they present “Ghosts From The Past”. One member is left from the original line-up (Peter Steincke – bassist) and lately the Danish guitarist Torben Enevoldsen (Fatal Force/Section A.), the singer Dagfinn Joensen, the drummer Jens Berglid (Black Succubi/Iron Fire) and the keyboardist Mikkel Henderson (Circus Mind/Evil Masquerade) came in the band .With this line-up, they recorded “Ghosts From The Past”. The truth is that Fate is like a totally new band… they could have easily released this album under a different name and none would have a single clue about it.
The music on this album is sometimes closer to melodic hard rock and other times to melodic metal. I totally prefer songs that have that Scandinavian (ala Europe) hard rock influences to the heavy ones. Listen to “At The End Of The World” (maybe the best song of the album), “Follow Your Heart”, “Moving On” to understand what I’m talking about. The performances on the album are very good but the most irritating thing is the guitar shredding on all the songs made by Torben. I know that in the 80s it was fantastic and shocking, in the 90s it was fascinating and good, in the 00s it became kind of boring and in the 10s it is really boring and irritating. I cannot listen to meaningless guitar shredding anymore… this is not a speed game… this whole thing belongs to the past… I wanna hear solos that have something to offer, emotional and essential ones. We’re not 15 or 20 years old to get excited by speed anymore and I do not believe that Fate has an audience of 15-20 years old guys. So, be more careful on this part in the future guys.
Anyhow, the album is ok, it has some good songs but nothing to get truly excited. The production is actually good and heavy, made by the band along with Thomas Pedersen at various studios in Denmark and mastered by Jacob Hansen.