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Fall To June
Fall To June
Southern Son/Ballistic Audio
Fall To June is a fairly new band from Florida but it won’t be long before it becomes more known farther than the US. The band’s line-up consists of the well-known bassist Jeremy Marshall (Cold), the drummer Nate Yant (ex-NerVer, featuring Casey Daniel of Seven Mary Three), the guitarist Dan Mickler and the vocalist Ben Badger.
The band’s southern rock is blended with rock & roll and hard rock elements and it has a modern twist too. The album was produced by veteran producer, engineer & composer Stan Martell (Fuel, Saliva) at Ballistic Audio Productions of Kingsland, GA, and the production is top-notch. Fall To June combines memorable melodies, fine musicianship and catchy refrains with a southern attitude. This is how the old and the new are wonderfully blended together. The band’s songwriting focuses on the fine melodies & it also has a radio-friendly character. It’s impossible not to turn up the volume when listening to tracks like “Curtain Call”, “Delta Breakdown”, “Closer”, “7 Barbwire Trees” – especially on the radio.
FTJ are also giving various live shows in the US as we speak, so you’d better not miss those guys if they play near you, cuz I’m sure they give one hell of a show every night they play! The homonymous debut album will introduce FTJ to a larger audience and will give the chance to the band to become (more) popular along the way. Extensive touring and catchy tracks is the perfect combination to gain more popularity little by little… and I do believe that Fall To June has ‘em both… see you on the road…