Exovex - Radio Silence

Exovex Radio Silence
Radio Silence
Independent Release
Exovex is a new prog rock band which was formed by the singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Dale Simmons. Following the music path of bands like Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and so on, Dale has released a debut which is full of enthralling, refined and atmospheric tracks. Still the more rockin’ moments are there to offer a variation on the album. The “old” prog rock elements nicely blend with the more contemporary ones. Exovex do not just follow and “copy” the past (as many bands do these days), but they choose to take their music a step further and make it sound fresh and up-to-date.
Along with Dale we have the celebrated keyboardist Richard Barbieri (Porcupine Tree) and the famous drummers Josh Freese (NIN, A Perfect Circle, Devo, The Vandals), Keith Carlock (Toto, Steely Dan, Sting, The Blues Brothers Band, John Mayer) & Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, King Crimson). Dale has chosen to cooperate with some of the best and that’s why the final outcome is so intense and classy. Surely, the performances by such renowned musicians would give the album that extra little something that many albums are missing today. The album was mixed by multi-platinum award winning mixing engineer Steve Hardy and mastered by Andy VanDette (David Bowie, Deep Purple, Rush, Beastie Boys, Porcupine Tree, etc.), at Engine Room Audio, in New York. The production is crystal clear, full and tight.
The six tracks of the album will travel you through sensational, moody & riveting music landscapes along the way. I remember when I first listened to “Stolen Wings”; it quickly grabbed my attention and I stopped whatever I was doing to pay full attention to the track. Gratefully, the music journey continues as impressively as it starts, so every fan of atmospheric prog rock music will be delighted at long last. “Radio Silence” is just the begging for Exovex, so do mark the band’s name for they will assuredly offer us lots of captivating & inspired music along the way…