Empyrios - Zion

Scarlet Records
Five years have elapsed since the band’s previous acclaimed work which gave the band the opportunity to become more known around the world. Assuredly, as Empyrios is more of a music project and its members are part of other bands as well, that long hiatus between albums wasn’t unjustified… probably a tad too much though.
Blending progressive metal with groovy, heavy-thrash passages, industrial & extreme parts, Empyrios are presenting something rather modern yet heavy & aggressive on the whole. The singer’s, Silvio Mancini, ability to move from harsh vox to melodic ones and vice versa is kinda pleasing. Another thing that hits you like a hammer is the band’s heavy & tight production! Fantastic indeed… but that’s not a surprise if we consider the fact that the band’s mastermind & guitarist Simone Mularoni (DGM) is the man who recorded, mixed and mastered the album. He’s reputation grows with any new works he delivers…
“Zion” is a well-crafted album but it lacks diversity, as the latest DGM album did. All the tracks are “identical” and you’re surely not up to any surprises after a while. Certainly, almost 53 minutes of the same thing are too much… especially for a listener that’s not into this music style. Nonetheless, I can see why the genre’s enthusiasts will be gratified by this album… cuz’ it is more than solid and heavy as f@ck!