Emperors And Elephants - Moth

Emperors And Elephants Moth cover
Emperors And Elephants
Pavement Music
Emperors And Elephants is a Chicago based band that was formed in 2010. Four years later, they released their debut album “Devil in the Lake” and they gained much fame and recognition in general. The time was right, the band was in good shape and everyone was expecting their second release to give them the necessary credits. But sometimes things do not turn out the way we want to or we have planned.
In 2016, Jeff Windisch, lead guitarist and founding member of the band, suffered a massive heart attack and passed away. That was “lethal” for a newcomer like Emperors And Elephants and made the band reconsider various things. Thankfully, they decided to go on and honor Jeff in that way. I agree with that decision, cuz this is the only way to honor a great band mate and musician that has passed away so suddenly in his prime. Long-time friend Anthony Modica became the band’s new lead guitarist after a while.
Musically, “Moth” is close to the debut… the 90s modern rock, alternative rock and grunge are all blended together with an updated sound and with a today’s hard rock approach as well. Jesse Andrews has a great “raspy” voice that perfectly fits this kind of music. The band has come up with some really catchy tracks such as “Not Today”, “Porcelain Kiss”, “Jester”, “Whisper in the Storm” and “Hold You Back”. They will easily gain some air-play soon. The only thing that could (and should) have been done better is the production. It’s not bad or something but surely it could have been punchier & tighter. The guitars are not so “heavy” as they should be. I do not know why that has happened but if the production were better, then the final outcome would be even tastier.
Anyhow, this is a fine successor to the debut album, but I’m sure that the guys have the potential to surpass both this and their first release in the near future. All things considered, Emperors And Elephants is a budding band that has what it takes to go further…