Eldritch - Cracksleep

Eldritch Cracksleep cover
Scarlet Records
Almost three decades and eleven albums in their career, Italian progsters Eldritch have soldiered on through the years, with Eugene Simone and Terence Holler having been there since the beginning and the rest of the current members accumulated in the past decade.
Now they seem pretty faithful to their technical yet emotive style, that recalls part Angra, part Conception, quite a bit of Stygma IV, and Labyrynth, I guess, but never manages to quite reach the lofty compositional heights of the former, occupying a lowlier tier all those years. The overdramatic style, at times, is too cheesy, while the constant onslaught and heaviness doesn’t help an ailing Holler, who seems more experienced, but less at ease with the material he’s given than say twenty years ago.
“Reset” and “As the Night Crawls In”, with its nice guitars, seem to stand out a bit more than the rest that seem a little too homogeneous to really stand out.