Elbråno - Agora

Elbråno Agora cover
Slipway Records
It all started back in 2012, when Alex Akselberg (lead singer & guitars), Marios Kalantzakis (bass & backing vocals) and Bruno Tolosa (drums) got together and started blending their different musical influences. The result was Elbråno, a London-based band that follows the alternative rock path but with various modern rock/metal, heavy rock & experimental tendencies along with a few bluesy & psychedelic ones.
“Agora” is the band’s debut album and it can be described as a “bold” release in general. What this trio has done is quite daring. They are presenting a “weird” music amalgam that has its ups & downs. It’s heavy, it’s modern and powerful but it ain’t all that melodious… you can hardly find any memorable melodies here. Then again, that’s the modernized way of heavy music, so it’s all in the eye of the beholder.
At the end of the day, it’s not so easy to say if I liked “Agora” or not. The performances are good and it’s a decent album on the whole. The guys are aiming at something “different” that probably needs more time & experimentation… who knows. I’m eager to see what the band’s next step will be… till then, those who are seeking something “musically uncommon” had better give this band a go. Personally, I think that the last 3 tracks are the best on this album, with “Lady by the Lake” being a wonderful heavy atmospheric example; maybe this is the way they should follow in the near future, just a thought…