El Caco - Hatred, Love & Diagrams

El Caco Hatred, Love & Diagrams cover
El Caco
Hatred, Love & Diagrams
Indie Recordings
This rock trio with the Spanish name, El Caco, from Norway, has been around for almost 15 years. They released their first album back in 2001 and since then, they have been more than consistent releasing albums and giving live gigs.
“Hatred, Love & Diagrams” is the sixth work of the band… so the fans know exactly what they shall expect from El Caco. Blending alternative rock with their domineering heavy rock music… they did pay tribute to their beloved Black Sabbath, with heavy guitars and bass, powerful drumming and dirty rockin’ vocals. Plain rock songs played with soul and real love without losing on power neither inspiration. Who says that simple songs can’t be beautiful and motivated? Take a look, at the abovementioned band which gave birth to so many & different rock and metal genres and influenced millions of rock/metal bands.
I like the “tramp style” music of El Caco… it’s energetic, in your face dirty heavy rock with no compromises, neither any kind of commercialism for the sake of popularity… helped out by the heavy “fat” production which gives more points to the final outcome. It’s truly wonderful to see bands being real to what they present and believe throughout their career, by playing the music they do like without giving a shit about any music trends.
My favorite songs are: “After I’m Gone”, “Hatred”, “Autopsy”, “Equivalence”, “Confessions”, “Skeleton” and “She Said” (the best song of the album, imo). If you are a fan of the band, then you know that you can’t go wrong with El Caco… if you didn’t happen to hear them as yet… then it’s time to taste them… for they got what it takes to make you like them in the end…