El Caco - 7

El Caco 7 cover
El Caco
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I remember that this band released a very enjoyable album, “Hatred, Love & Diagrams” back in 2012. The band had the potential to take the big step and they were in the right path at that time. I do not know what happened in the meantime but that 3-year gap between albums didn’t help them at all.
“7” is their new album but it stands far away from “Hatred, Love & Diagrams” in terms of songwriting and melodies. Very few things stand out in this new album. More or less it’s the same stoner, alternative rock, post-grunge recipe that we’ve heard a numerous times before and makes no difference to the listener anymore. No imagination & energy at all. It’s done by the book for those who are just longing to hear the same things and do not want anything fresh or new in their menu. The production is quite good though and it has a “live” feeling.
The only tracks that stand out here are: “The Silver Light” and “In Limbo”… then again those tracks could hardly make it to the previous album. The album is also short, it lasts less than 30 minutes (around 29:32). Three years later and they come up with 8 tracks, which last around 30 minutes. Well, judging by the final outcome, I think that it was hard enough for them to come up with more tracks that could be at least listenable. A bit of a letdown from a band that instead of going forward, not only stood still but it took a few major steps backwards…