EdTang & The Chops - Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner

EdTang & The Chops
Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner
Music that sounds like it was recorded inside an old-fashioned barn is very hip right now. EdTang & The Chops is a new band from Asbury Park, NJ who apparently want to jump on that bandwagon. But their music is closer to the folk alternative rock sound of artists like Frank Turner and Chuck Ragan rather than Mumford and Sons.
The moment I pressed play and “Vaya” started I was pleasantly surprised. It brought to mind the sounds of Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros. However, song after song I have to say that this resemblance faded away. This is the type of album that if you listen to in its entirety you might get bored. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that most tracks are a bit similar to one another. Nevertheless, they’re all pretty cheery, up-tempo and generally pleasant to the ear. In other words, they are all pretty much ideal for a playlist, a compilation CD or (if you’re really old school) a mix-tape.
If I had to single a few out they would have to be “Vaya”, “Lincoln”, “My Whole Life” and “Pualei”.
I would like to close by saying that I see great potential in EdTang & The Chops and so I hope that they find that little fragile something that will segregate them from other similar acts. Because, at the end of the day, what’s missing from “Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner” is originality.