Edge - Heaven Knows

Heaven Knows
Escape Music
What started out as a music project by 2 friends, Jonas Forss and Tobias Andersson (Shadowland, Seven Wishes), soon became something more than that. Working on various songs & melodies, those two guys finally found their sound. Thus, Edge can be better described as a melodic rock/AOR band that’s coming right from Sweden. The guys in that country cannot stop making music… that’s so true!
The specific genre is full nowadays and since some untalented voiceless wannabe musicians find it “easier” to play that kind of music, it has become somewhat of a joke. All those ungifted wannabe artists have hurt melodic rock very much throughout the years. Nonetheless, Edge is just the opposite of that. The guys can write down some damn tunes with nice melodies, catchy hooks along with a strong & clear production. Both Torbjörn Brogren (Heads or Tales) on bass and Olle Rodehn (Shadowland) on drums contributed to the album making the sound better. Also Jonas & Tobias produced and mixed the album. All I can say is that they did a very good job.
The good thing with this album is that you can listen to it again & again without getting bored or hurrying to skip any songs. It flows greatly and has a nice vibe overall. My favorite songs are: “How Long”, “Get Over It”, “There’s No Other Way”, “I Could Never Leave” (the album’s hit), “Through That Door” & “The End of the World”. I almost forgot to say that Tommy Denander plays the solo on “How Long”. Tommy is almost in every melodic rock release that’s coming out in Sweden all those years! I’ll come back to this album again, I have already done so, as I keep on listening to it for quite some time. It’s very good actually. If you do like pure melodic rock/AOR music then in “Heaven Knows” you’ll find many things to cherish…