Eden - Guilty Pleasure(s)

Guilty Pleasure(s)
Independent Release
I came across some independent bands from Minesota these days and I can certainly say, with great pleasure, that there’s actually some talent in the city’s scene. Eden is a newcomer, formed in 2009. After doing several gigs and making a fan base, they entered the studio and the result is this seven-song EP.
Eden’s rock music is embellished with modern, atmospheric, melodic, hard rock, alternative & pop rock elements while they retain their contemporary attitude but without being too over the edge like other young bands. The band’s song arrangements are very good, the keyboardist does a hell of a job, either by creating nice atmospheres or by delivering melodies on the piano/keys. I do like how they firstly focus on strong melodies; they are neither frustrating nor too simple for the listeners. The music here has a classy background for with every new listen… it just becomes better. I had the chance to listen to the cover their made on “Pure Imagination”, yeap the celebrated tune from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The song is not included on the EP but I dig the way they changed it into a tasteful rockin’ tune. I bet that only a few can tell what is what after having listened to it. The best track on the EP, in my opinion, is the atmospheric & moody “Dream With Me”. The production is also strong… hence, I believe that the guys deserve kudos for they have done it themselves along with Wally J.
Unquestionably, Eden does have the talent and the potential to go further. This EP only marks the band’s beginning… there’s a long way ahead of them, but I think they’ve got what it takes to make it throughout the way. Were I to give them a few tips, I would tell them to pay attention to their sound (always taking care of it), their melodies (they should keep delivering catchy ones) and add more personal touches to their music along the way. That will occur with time, rehearsals, live shows and lots of hard work of course. The first step is constructive & more than positive. Visit the band’s site, listen to their music and if you like what you hear then get this EP. I happen to know that they are working on some new material, so I’m looking forward to listening to it even more.
PS: You can get the EP here, download the song “The Man I Am” here & “Pure Imagination” here for free.