Ecnephias - Ecnephias

Ecnephias cover
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That was a fine trip back to the 90s! I never thought I could listen to such an album again but I was nicely surprised at long last. Ecnephias’ new (fifth) full-length album is a reminiscent of the works that Moonspell (especially), Crematory, Paradise Lost and Tiamat used to release back in the mid-90s. And what an era right? I have lived it to the fullest and I can say that some of the best extreme, gothic, death/black metal albums were released back then.
Ecnephias have placed more emphasis to that 90s melodic gothic death/black metal sound which was overall popular back in the day. For our own sake and for the band’s own sake of course, Ecnephias do not copy-paste the basic and more successful parts/themes of the 90s sound but they play music smartly & with style. I cannot convey the feelings of those who have lived the 90s era but after listening to this album the younger generation is gonna have a taste of how this kind of music used to be back in the day.
The tracks are all very tasteful… they have an atmospheric, gothic, doom, and dark character with numerous doses of extremeness and heaviness. The production is great too. After almost 20 years around, Ecnephias have finally released the album which can bring more fans to their camp and make ‘em more popular than before. The new guys will fancy this album while the old ones will feel a sweet nostalgia for that era as soon as they listen to tracks like “A Filed of Flowers”, “Wind of Doom” & “Nyctophilia” among others… so what’s not to like? Do not let “Ecnephias” go by unnoticed… it deserves both your time & money…