Echotime - Genuine

Echotime Genuine cover
Logic(il)Logic Records
Echotime is an inimitable case. The band has been active since 2002 under the name Echovertime, as a cover band and their main purpose was to give various live gigs. In 2011, the guys decided to go a step further to compose original music and Echotime was born. Again they chose to go their own way, so they made this concept album which tells a story that takes place in an imaginary world and in a few words, it places emphasis on the protagonist Daniel Antony, a chemistry researcher, who tries to create something that will help the people of his town, Leadtown, as well as the entire world. Finally, he manages to create “Genuine”, a particle with extraordinary effects that could aid all humanity… but his troubles have just begun.
Echotime are calling themselves “Movie Metal band”. But what’s this if we approach it musically? Well, take numerous cinematic parts and embellish them with progressive, metal, power, pop-rock, symphonic, industrial, rock, acoustic, atmospheric & melodic elements and you’ve got a clue about the album. It’s positive that Echotime are trying to create something out of the ordinary and in truth to be told, it’s been done carefully and effectively ultimately. 18 (!) music themes with small instrumental parts in-between which refer to cinematic/movie scenes and bind the story astutely. Don’t be afraid, the CD’s total running play is about 50 minutes. The album was mixed & mastered at Domination Studio (RSM) by Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios etc.) and it is excellent!
I couldn’t guess anything about this band once I run into the album, but then I was dumbfounded by the musical maturity and quality on “Genuine” besides the members’ great performances. Echotime will astound all those devotees who are keen on majestic, cinematic yet symphonic and metal music. They may have not come with fanfares but they do smoke most of those well-advertised boring bands that mostly offer bland works in due course. I just hope Echotime will be “discovered” by lots of fans in these “weird times” that mediocrity rules…