Echotest - From Two Balconies

Echotest From Two Balconies cover
From Two Balconies
Independent Release
“From Two Balconies” is the third release from Echotest, a band that was formed by the two bassists Julie Slick and Marco Machera. It’s strange to see two bass players in a band but then again if they can combine their talents, why not?! The band consist of three members, Julie Slick on bass VI & drum programs, Marco Machera on bass V & vocals and Alessandro Inolti on drums. The other participants in the album are: Mike Visser on vocals, Tim Motzer on guitar, Zach LoPresti on guitar, Ian Gray on trombone and Greg Rosen on trumpet.
First of all, “From Two Balconies” has a wonderful cover artwork that was designed by the renowned Derek Riggs (Iron Maiden, Stratovarius, Gamma Ray etc.). Secondly, the album has a modern orientation and blends alternative, modern prog rock, pop-rock, rock, atmospheric, ambient & electronic music together. Three out of the ten tracks are instrumental, and one of them is the actually annoying “Confirmation Bias” – a track that can cause you a headache from the very first sec. Thankfully, the album has some nice atmospheric tracks like “The Mystical Connected Us”, “Beats in the Brain” (a remarkable instrumental) and “Pity” that are very gratifying. There might be a few tracks that do not have the same flavor as others, but that thing does not affect the album as a whole that much. The production is clear and lush. The album was produced by the band, mixed by Todd Mecaughey at Cambridge Sound Studios in Philadelphia and mastered by Andrea Pellegrini in Italy.
I kinda think that the atmospheric side fits the band better than the modern “experimental” one. They are close to getting somewhere but they do need time to achieve it. Do give ‘em a listen and decide on your own, cuz you can find several nice music ideas throughout the album…