Echo Us - II-XII A Priori Memóriae

Echo Us II-XII A Priori Memóriae cover
Echo Us
II-XII A Priori Memóriae
Dust On The Tracks/SPV
Echo Us, auspiciously, are heading to the 15th year of existence, so what’s better than celebrate it with a new full-length release, their fourth to date. Echo Us is a kinda “weird” progressive act in general. Their music is mostly influenced by the likes of Alan Parsons, Vangelis, Peter Gabriel and Mike Oldfield. Thus, musically, they are into prog rock, electronic, atmospheric, ambient, folk, ethnic, pop, new age, neoclassical and soundtrack music. The tracks are more parts of a grand music-puzzle rather than songs in the actual term of the word. The sound is very smooth and relaxing too.
“II-XII A Priori Memóriae” is a hard piece of music to comprehend without repeated and focused listens. It tries to steal the “shine” from some works of the aforementioned musicians/composers but it doesn’t get there at long last. It kinda works fine as background music rather than a concept album which will grab your attention and make you be engrossed. It certainly has its fine moments – no doubt about it – but overall it isn’t something grandiose. It also lacks the big memorable melodies which were always there on the tracks of the above-mentioned composers. Those who are into ambient, soundtrack and smooth instrumental music will find it more stirring than I did.