Easy Trigger - Ways of Perseverance

Easy Trigger Ways of Perseverance cover
Easy Trigger
Ways of Perseverance
Street Symphonies Records
Easy Trigger is a bunch of Italian rebel rousing rockers, which have been around since 2009 releasing another album, giging, going through the inevitable personnel changes and releasing a further album this year with a new singer, Nico, who sounds like the bastard of Axl Rose with the late Joey Ramone, if you could even picture such a combination.
Tthe music is punky and edgy hard rock that doesn’t have too many layers (if any) to it, for better or worse. Some of their songs ie “My Darkness” and “One Way Out” seem to work better than others in what sounds like a mixed bag of songs that could have done with a bit more variety because even some bluesier riffs or the somewhat softer “Blind” (which is not a ballad by any means) make things sound too different. A bit more variety in their arrangements and melodies and a little less screaming from Nico, who’s doing a good job otherwise, would probably work to their advantage.