Eagleheart - Reverse

Eagleheart Reverse cover
Scarlet Records
With a name such as Eagleheart, one would expect a rather cheery/corny Europower band, but these Czechs on their third release are actually more Kamelot & Symphony X influenced than anything else.
Edgy power metal with lots of orchestrations and dynamics, bogged down by a plastic and over-compressed, flattened production that allows little separation between the instruments, with barely some keys, quite a bit of the vocals and a bit of cymbals, protruding above the blanket that covers the rest of the mix. It drags the band down and it doesn’t help that singer Roman Sacek doesn’t have the widest range in the genre (although he’s adequate).
Production/mix is actually the main qualm I have about the album, as otherwise it’s not all that bad with most tracks being more “hits” rather than “misfires”, ie the title track, the fast, furious and melodious “Until (the) Fear is Gone”, or “Erased from Existence” are among the better cuts. This is not to say some weaker tracks don’t exist like the too modern and metalcore inspired “Mind to Decipher”, but they’re not the majority. Worth investigating, but not obsessing over.