Dusan Jevtovic - Live at Home

Dusan Jevtovic Live at Home cover
Dusan Jevtovic
Live at Home
SKC / MoonJune Records
Less than a year after the release of the studio album “No Answer”, Dusan Jevtovic returns with a new live release, this time under the title “Live at Home”. As you can see by its title this album was recorded live at Decije Pozoriste, Kragujevac, Serbia, on December 23rd, 2016. It was actually recorded at Dusan’s homeland. Dusan had the luck to have on stage, the renowned Serbian keyboard player Vasil Hadzimanov (he has also participated in “No Answer”) along with the bass player Pera Krstajic and drummer Pedja Milutonovic by his side.
“Live at Home” features all those elements that Dusan has presented on his albums. The performances are exceptional; it’s fascinating to hear such great players having the freedom of improvisation and delivering the goods so impressively and without any flaws. I guess seeing them live on stage is way better than listening to the album, but in that way you can have an idea of what these musicians are capable of. You should not miss them the next time they play near you, that’s for sure. Moreover, the album production is clear.
Before closing the review, I must say that the limited edition CD (only 200 copies) was made possible due to the generous support of SKC (Studentski Kulturni Centar) Kragujevac; it was also released by SKC and that thing shows that SKC believe in and support their homeland artists. I can only give kudos to SKC for helping Dusan release this live album. Wish there were more movements like that globally, as they could offer help to artists & musicians in general. The most important thing of all is that the profits from the album sales are intended to fund Dusan’s next studio release. Need to say more? Looking forward to listening to Dusan’s next studio album…