Dogs N’ Bones - In Your Face

Dogs N’ Bones
In Your Face
My Graveyard Productions
Founded back in 2004, these Italian rockers released their third full-length album in an 8-year time period. Mixing hard rock elements from the 80s, 90s & 00s along with a bunch of sleaze/glam & rock & roll features, they get you right into the game from the very first song.
Nice melodies, rockin’ guitars & good presentation in general. Surely, they won’t be the next big thing, but they can give you a few nice dozes of rockin’ music. They do what they do with confidence, dignity & love… and that’s something I do respect in every band that’s trying hard to find its place in the sun. You gotta love what you do, in your life, so as to be good at it… and these guys truly love rock music.
The album was mixed by the drummer Simone Oldofredi, recorded by Simone and the bassist Manuel Gatti at VK Studios, while the mastering was done by Giampiero Ulacco. The production is crunchy & rockin’… very good for this music style indeed. “In Your Face” is the band’s finest release in every part to date. If you liked the band’s previous works then this one will give you that something the other ones were missing. The CD also contains the whole album in MP3 format plus the bonus track, “The Last Blues”, which is only available in MP3, for immediate load and portable play as the band says. Quite a good idea don’t ya think?<