Dick - Dangerous Dreams

Dick Dangerous Dreams cover
Dangerous Dreams
Independent Release
Oh Finland, Finland… You’ve given us such exciting bands, but in 2017, first you don’t choose D’sanz & Gunther to represent you in Eurovision with a sure winner and now you give us the might Dick!
Specifically a second serving of Dick, the sophomore album of Mr. Jaakko Soimakallio, Dick himself… The press blurb characterizes the material Rush and Genesis inspired and while I have some trouble justifying that, there are some more proggy moments here and there, but mostly it’s melodic, laidback pop/rock, with different flavors and edgy vocals that might challenge your perceptions about “correct” vocalization, but work just beautifully against the musical canvas the band weaves.
“Back to Hell” begins as an acoustic ballad and is very dramatic indeed... with the tortured vocals adding to the effect. The song climaxes twice and Dick seems to know what he’s doing... pacing the song beautifully, with the real moneyshot arriving right in the middle. Imagine a chorus HIM could have if Ville Valo could project any real “emotion”… all the searing pain of a love that has died, hitting you in under thirty seconds… Damn this feels “real”.
“Night Flyer” is a dark urban number, with a distinctive Bowie feel about it, which just works, no why’s and where’s…
“To See Angels” goes as minimalist as possible, for about a minute with a very prog break that finally justifies the “prog” label… it reprises the basic melody that, however simple, manages to push through the bittersweet melancholy… majestic prog pop, indeed. Atmosphere done, impeccably.
“Winter Ghost” has a nice acoustic theme, getting all electric and then slipping into a hard progression in a very twisted way… complete with spaced out keys only to get back to acoustic… it’s a wtf, did I just hear now instrumental.
“Woman” is driven by a monolithic, but by comparison to the rest of the album pretty monstrous riff… it possibly is as complicated as women itself, with a thousand different influences, all boiling down in a very catchy slightly Punk meets Def Leppard via Hanoi Rocks chorus, all done in a bleak pop way.
“Hand in Hand” is flowery but also adventurous acid prog pop, complete with bells and whistles that goes from hippy into prog pop, via Bowie, Rush and Happy The Man references/influences… perfection and bliss really.
Lastly, “Show Me a Girl” is a smooth jazzy pop number that even has time for a sax break... midway. Fantastic!
Dick can write a song, in fact a lot of songs, all different and all brilliant. Don’t allow the somewhat unconventional vocals in a couple of places to put you off, or you’ll be missing one of the most brilliant albums of 2017! I’m not sure what genre to put this under. I think “music” is a good label.
Fill your hand with “Dangerous Dreams” by the mighty “Dick” from Finland. In fact, I might do so myself.