Demon’s Eye - Under the Neon

Demon’s Eye Under the Neon cover
Demon’s Eye
Under the Neon
Independent Release
“Under the Neon” is the sophomore release for this German band that started up in the 90s as a Deep Purple cover band, but through the years graduated to an original band with their own material that might be Deep-ly rooted in the Purple and Rainbow canon, but also manages to sound incredibly authentic while doing that… thanks to Doogie White’s (ex-Rainbow, Cornerstone and countless others) vocal performances that fit their style perfectly.
If you enjoy 70s flavored, muscular, epic sounding hard rock with tinges of psychedelia and prog nuances, Demon Eye’s two albums will fit the bill perfectly as they seem to have a quality over quantity rule, which has allowed both their releases to measure up incredibly well, even against the latest releases of their “influences”, well at least Purple that is...
Eleven incredibly melodic and well-conceived tracks that feel vibrant and dynamic with memorable, catchy hooks and excellent solos and not a filler in sight… every mood is catered for, from anthemic rockers (“Road to Glory”, to bluesy laidback jams like “Finest Moment” and everything in between… instead of buying all the nostalgic crap and re-releases from band’s well part their sell by date, it wouldn’t hurt to support a band that really hits the nail on the head in churning out some classic rock with awesome guitars, complete with hammond and one of the finest “vintage” vocalists out there…