Dead By April - Let the World Know

Dead By April Let the World Know cover
Dead By April
Let the World Know
Universal Music
I’m sooo into this gaycore trend of our time. It’s fun! Why? Well, it’s easy to be part of it. Get a few trendy, “macho-like” guys with tattoos and the band is ready to go! So, here (in case you are not aware of it) we have a Swedish band formed in 2007 and this is their third full-length album.
Musically the music formula is the same. Plastic, gayrcore, metalcore, screamo, pop, cheesy, groovy, trance-like, wannabe extreme or whatever! Marvelously “gay” clean vocals along with some weak screams and a very strong & dynamic production. That’s all! Ahh this is also the first album without the band’s original vocalist Jimmie Strimell who has been replaced by Christoffer Andersson (What Tomorrow Brings).
It’s to wonder how these bands got themselves hundreds of thousands or even million “Likes” on their FB pages and got deals with major labels! It’s the phenomenon of our time! They mostly got the teenagers’ support that can easily fall victim to the media and web-marketing. By any means, this garbage, worthless, insipid, uninspired, gay & wannabe metal music will be vanished in a few years and no one will ever recall the names of bands such as this. Then today’s teenagers will be mature enough to understand what’s going on and support real metal music, as they will have wiped out any psychical or digital copies of this gaycore music in every possible way. One thing’s for sure; if I keep listening to this album I’ll be Dead by Gayness…