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De La Muerte
De La Muerte
Bakerteam Records
Doom and gloom seems to have its field day this month with a lot of bands that are straightly doom or tend to be inspired by the genre debuting this March, of the year of some people’s lord, MMXV...
De La Muerte is an Italian bunch, a quintet, again, that professes to be in love with the Mexican “Nuestra Senora de la Santa Muerte” cult and seem to follow some Dia De Los Muertos aesthetics... They are mixing modern rock/metal with doomy melodies to come up with a rather unique style, which however is a little special. They employ loads of different vocal styles, that are a little over the top and there is a rather striking Italian accent, which, somewhat spoils the “Mexican” effect, the band is trying to establish. While they try quite hard and have fairly involved parts and deliver them rather well, the end result, is a bit messy.
I have to hand it to them for not going down the beaten path and trying to offer something original, but their bizarre mix of modern, southern, Tex-Mex, doom inspired hard rock is not exactly working as it might have been intended. Surely it catches your ear, as it’s an unusual aural bouillabaisse, but I’d probably suggest they change their recipe a bit, before they try again…
Highly unusual and not bad, but not good either mostly due to the all over the place and highly accented vocals (for the most part)…