Daylight Robbery - Cross Your Heart

Daylight Robbery Cross Your Heart cover
Daylight Robbery
Cross Your Heart
Independent Release
Hailing from Birmingham, UK – a place that has given birth to legendary bands like Black Sabbath and Judas Priest… Daylight Robbery may be a newcomer, but its members have been present in the music scene for several years. Determined to deliver good melodic hard rockin’ music, they started writing and recording various demos which led them to “Cross Your Heart”.
Blending melodic rock/AOR melodies with hard rock guitars, they’ve filtered their influences (Journey, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi Deep Purple, Ozzy, etc)… with their personal sound offering something truly beautiful and interesting. Whether you love melodies the most, or the harder sound of rock music… you will be pleased by: “Cross Your Heart”, “Shame On You”, “The Perfect Storm”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Crossing the Great Divide” (8-minute beautiful power ballad), “Reunite”, and “1000 Points of Light”. I must admit that I prefer the melodic rock tunes of the album more. Following the late 80s hard rock music recipe without becoming retro or stealing openly… while being talented and creative you can never go wrong… Daylight Robbery is a proof to that.
“Cross Your Heart” is an independent release… meaning that the band needs your support in order to go further and deliver more great music in the future. Regarding the positive feedback on “Cross Your Heart” and the splendid performances of the band throughout this album… it’s not hard to understand why they were chosen to support the Rock Legends Uriah Heep on their 2011 UK tour. With such a good debut, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them go further with every new release… watch out for them…