David Bowie - The Next Day

David Bowie The Next Day cover
David Bowie
The Next Day
None was prepared for a new David Bowie album. When he announced a new studio album & released the single “Where are We Now?”, in his 66th birthday, every single fan was thrilled. After all, this was meant to be David’s studio comeback after 10 years.
The most suitable title for this album would have been “The Previous Day” rather than “The Next Day”. You see this work is a bit nostalgic & smells 70s from miles away. From the silly, “replicated” cover artwork of “Heroes” with the ugly big white rectangle that has the album’s title, up to the music in general. Of course, the production is fresh and updated due to the “digital” technology of our time. Having on mind that nowadays most of the bands are copying the 70s like crazy, that ain’t so much of a blunder for a musician that was praised during that time, right?
The album flows nicely, it has its moments and won’t disappoint David’s fans on the whole. One thing is the long playing time of the disc which is over 50 minutes. I think that’s a bit too much. Definitely, seeing David back even in his mid-60s with a new work is a good thing. Regrettably, he asked for it – with all this 70s atmosphere he build up – so yes, “The Next Day” can’t be compared to his 70s albums… if it weren’t for this contrast the rating would have been higher…