David A. Saylor - Strength of One

David A. Saylor Strength of One cover
David A. Saylor
Strength of One
AOR Boulevard Records
Only two years after the sensational solo release “City of Angels” (read the review here), David is back with a new album. This short period between releases may not work in favour of the artist in some cases, but do not worry at all, cuz there’s no such case with “Strength of One”.
This time he has a bunch of friends by his side to help him achieve the best result he can. His band mates, Brett Hammond (Push UK) on “Welcome to the Show”, “It Must Be Love” & “How Do I Believe”, Nik Lloyd (Push UK) on “Now You’re Leaving”, “Don’t Say Goodbye”, “Why Does Our Love Have to End” & “Beaten Black and Blue” as well as David Mark Pearce on “Flying High” & “My Heart Ain’t Feeling Nothing” are delivering the guitar solos. “Falling Star” features a duet between David and Gabriella De Val Koenzen from The Val, while the band’s guitarist Alfonso Samos also plays the solo. Of course, his good friend and music companion Jon Dewsbury is once again present and delivers a very smooth & soft production along with David.
The album contains two covers, “Now You’re Leaving” by 2 AM and “Why Does Our Love Have to End” by Shy. There are also two re-recorded versions of “Flying High” and “It Must Be Love”, both of which originally appeared on David’s debut solo album “One on One” back in 1991. You can read more about the tracks here on the interview I had with David a while ago.
Apart from being a great singer David is also a devoted AOR lover. He literally loves and lives to create this kind of music. Even though he still moves “underground” and he hasn’t gotten the credits he deserves for his offer to AOR music… he only cares about the very essence of music and nothing else. Those who search things and try to find albums (from the past or not) by less advertised musicians know exactly what the name David Saylor means! When all’s said and done, “Strength of One” is a wonderful AOR album which will gratify the fans of the genre…