David Cross Band - Sign of the Crow

David Cross Band Sign of the Crow cover
David Cross Band
Sign of the Crow
Noisy Records
David Cross was briefly a member of King Crimson (1972-1974) and he is a rock violinist with the David Cross Band and performs Electric Chamber Music on his own and in collaborations; currently working in duos with David Jackson (van de Graaf Generator) and Andrew Keeling (composer and flautist).
This is the sixth solo (now under the guise of a band) album and returning is Richard Palmer James, who’s also written lyrics for King Crimson, on the same role. The songs contained have a fairly KC vibe about them, but feel a bit more contemporary, in reality. The over style is prog, especially with the drum rhythms being as odd as they can be on more than one occasions and no matter the specific style of each song, keeping the listener on the edge.
When DC’s violin comes to the forth it really makes it presence felt too along with a variety of pretty groovy metal “plated” instrumental sections. A damn too many songs are too cool to choose from including “Starfall”, “Sign of the Crow”, “The Pool”, “Spiderboy” and more. One of the best prog “sleeper” hits of year!