Dark Moor - Ars Musica

Dark Moor
Ars Musica
Scarlet Records
Dark Moor is one of the most successful symphonic, heavy/power metal bands in Spain. As they enter their second decade of existence, they keep progressing without losing their identity… in a way, they are making their sound more personal. “Ars Musica” is the band’s 9th studio album and it is released three years after the band’s acclaimed “Ancestral Romance”.
So, what’s left for a band like Dark Moor that has been serving the symphonic metal genre for about 20 years? To be more symphonic or not to be? What should they do? At this point, I think they did choose right. They reduced those many pompous & symphonic elements and they started flirting with melodic metal. Well, probably flirting is not the precise word… it is more like deep strong music affairs! Anyhow, the point is that this musical blending has worked ideally for both the band and the fans. They have come up with some very beautiful melodies & catchy hooks on this album. Alfred Romero performs like there’s no tomorrow but none should be left out as the musicianship is very strong in general. The top notch production which was done by Luigi Stefanini (Rhapsody of Fire, Labyrinth, Vision Divine) makes the whole package a lot more appealing. The “magical inspired” cover artwork, which was designed by Nathália Suellen, is also very beautiful.
Thus, what do we have at long last? The band has delivered its catchiest & most desirable songs today. Yeap, I’m talking about “The Road Again” which has been released as a video too. That’s how a splendid catchy melodic metal tune should be like. This song will give them a bigger exposure among the rock/metal fans! Moreover, you’ll find tracks for every mood here. Even for the symphonic lovers; like the bombastic Spanish “El Ultimo Rey” (I do not like Spanish lyrics in metal but I do fancy this tune) & the stunning emotional ballad “Gara and Jonay”. Let’s not forget the very good cover of the world known Spanish classic “Asturias” originally by Isaac Albeniz. Closing, “Ars Musica” is a complete and well-crafted album from a band that dared to renew its sound & managed to deliver fresh, melodic, symphonic & heavy music. I do wish they keep up like this. After all, the symphonic metal genre has been overloaded and will face the gutter sooner or later.