Dark Quarterer - Ithaca

Dark Quarterer Ithaca cover
Dark Quarterer
Metal On Metal Records
I feel a bit of pity for bands like Dark Quarterer because instrumentally they‘re not all that terrible with their epic sounding slightly prog metal… they do atmospheres well and they’ve been going on in various forms since 1974… (under a different name) and then releasing a number of albums since changing their name in 1980 with their debut landing in 1987… Their chiefly problem is that Gianni Nepi, their bassist and vocalist, has one of the weakest voices, I ‘ve heard with a weird timbre making things only worse.
Obviously one that epic/true metallers, who are completely tone deaf and aesthetically challenged, loved instantly. “Ithaca”, a concept album inspired by Homer’s “Odyssey”, is their sixth album and while musically it’s a very nice affair, vocally it’s not so. Sorry to report that but I cannot oversee the displeasing vocals in favor of the rather good music contained herein. Maybe with a different/better vocalist, I‘d be loving them but as it stands it’s a no-no.