Daniel Trigger - Army of One

Daniel Trigger Army of One cover
Daniel Trigger
Army of One
Independent Release
It wasn’t until now that I came across Daniel Trigger so I think a little bio info is necessary. Daniel is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist & producer from Mindlands, UK. He created Trigger in 2003 and released 4 albums till 2011 when he took a break and released his first solo work, “Infinite Persistence” in 2012. Now he’s back with his second full-length solo release entitled “Army of One”.
Daniel has written all the music, produced and played all the instruments (apart from the drums & the guitar solos) on the album. I guess there goes the “Army of One” title. Musically, Daniel mixes classic rock, hard rock, melodic rock, modern rock & pop rock music. There’s a variety on the album and the tracks never lose their rock essence. Daniel has a powerful & rockin’ voice. The production is also full, tight & has a contemporary core. Very good indeed. The song arrangements have been done thoroughly as they do feature various backing vocals, nice keys and generally the sound is complete.
I do fancy Daniel’s classic rock & hard rock side better than the modern one but then again that’s my perspective. Either way, Daniel is certainly no stranger to good melodies & nice rock themes in general. He has worked hard to deliver a very good and well-produced rock album on the whole. Moreover, this is an independent release, so it should get more attention and support than any other label release…