Daniel Gazzoli Project - Night Hunter

Daniel Gazzoli Project Night Hunter cover
Daniel Gazzoli Project
Night Hunter
Street Symphonies Records
Daniel Gazzoli Project is a Italian quarter, influenced by the harder edged 80s melodic rock bands like House Of Lords, Dokken and the likes. It’s actually pretty decent material, I’ll say I liked almost every single song on the album, but it’s pretty unpolished.
With a mix that makes them sound more heavy metal than hard rock, with almost no ambiance and bleed on the sound and with a singer that sounds like the Italian cousin of Dokken, so to speak, impressive and with the right attitude, but too hard on the accent, there are certain things they could do, to up their game. I must really say that I liked “Night Hunter”, the album, but it sounded more like a good demo to me, rather than a proper “good album”. Still I’d like to hear more from them, in the future, for sure.